03-07-2012: Mode Plagal & Special Guests @ Technopolis

15-12-2011: Hainides & Mode Plagal at Fuzz Club

18-12-2010: Christmas with Mode Plagal at Cafe Alavastron

18-12-2010: "In The Belly Of The Beast" - new Mode Plagal record is out!

16-12-2010: Mode Plagal have finished recording their newest album!

07-10-2010: Mode Plagal live at Alavastron

12-04-2010: Mode Plagal live every Tuesday at Avlea

07-01-2010: Mode Plagal & Vasiliki Karakosta

23-12-2009: Christmas with Mode Plagal live at Alavastron

09-12-2009: Bosphorus & Mode Plagal live!

18-10-2009: Mode Plagal live @ Cafe Alavastron

31-08-2009: Mode Plagal & Human Touch concert postponed

26-08-2009: Mode Plagal & Human Touch

05-07-2009: Upcoming Live Dates

10-04-2009: Links to youtube videos

01-03-2009: Performances every Thursday at Cafe Alavastron

21-12-2008: Christmas with Mode Plagal


02-10-2008: Mode Plagal Live - Every Friday of October @ Alavastron

01-10-2008: Mode Plagal are recording their new album

29-05-2008: Lerikos - Mode Plagal

08-04-2008: Mode Plagal & Mihalis Siganidis

06-04-2008: Technical problems

29-12-2007: Chainides & Mode Plagal in a unique show

22-11-2007: Interview with Takis Kanellos at RootsWorld

09-09-2007: Gigs in Maroussi and Filothei

25-07-2007: Mode Plagal at Balkan Groove Festival

22-06-2006: Summer gigs are been announced

25-02-2006: Maria Farantouri speaks about Mode Plagal

19-02-2006: Mode Plagal and special guests performed at Stavros tou Notou

19-11-2005: Radio Jazz Sessions: a unique event with the participation of Mode Plagal

10-08-2005: Current activities

15-07-2005: Problem with the e-mail

02-04-2005: Mode Plagal will play in Stuttgart

22-02-2005: Did you know that....

23-10-2004: Jazzdimensions interviews Takis Kanellos

03-10-2004: Mode Plagal streaming audio and video now available on this site

24-09-2004: Thaleia

13-08-2004: Olympics 2004: Mode Plagal in regular live appearences in the centre of Athens

17-06-2003: Live appearances in UK

02-05-2003: Mode Plagal and Bosphorus collaborate on "Beyond The Bosphorus"

13-01-2003: Mode Plagal rank high on World Music Charts 2002

11-07-2002: Mode Plagal are finishing the studio recordings of a new album in co-operation with Bosphorus.

08-07-2002: Mode Plagal presented in a great article of fRoots magazine - read it here!

03-04-2002: March 2002: Mode Plagal enter Top 20 World Music Charts Europe with Mode Plagal III

03-12-2001: Mode Plagal toured Holland and Belgium

03-11-2001: Mode Plagal III is finally released!

17-10-2001: Mode Plagal interview and sound samples from their new record now available!

01-05-2001: Mode Plagal have their own home page!

20-02-2001: Mode Plagal and Bosporus for live gigs in Holland!

02-01-2001: Mode Plagal II in the top 100 - World Music Charts Europe


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