Mode Plagal & Vasiliki Karakosta

Mode Plagal and Vasiliki Karakosta met each other for the first time at the 'Balkan Bicycle' series of shows, hosted by Dionisis Savopoulos (2002-2003). They soon performed together at festivals and venues (2004).
They now collaborate again, since Vasiliki is also appearing on the new record of the band, expected to be released the upcoming Spring.
In their common live shows of 15th and 16th of January, Mode Plagal will present their explosive mix of jazz, traditional, funk, blues etc. music, combined with Vasiliki's charming and imposing performance.
They will present songs from their repertoires and offer a sneak preview of the upcoming record.
Their program will be enriched with Florian Mikuta's Transilvania Gypsy Electro project.
Tickets cost: 15 Euros
Doors open: 23.00
Agiou Orous 15, Votanikos
Tel: 2103474074



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